GAMBIA: Gambia's new policy on migration shocks the world as country sends strongly-worded message to the EU

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PARIS, AUGUST 5, 2017: (DGW) GAMBIA'S Interior Minister, Mai Ahmed Fatty, has declared that the government of the Republic of Gambia will not under any guise sign an agreement to deports its citizens.

Gambia has, however, won the admiration of other African nationals with this resolution as it remains a pace-setter in the West African sub-region considering the fact African nationals maintain a proven track record of mass migration to Europe but often faced with the threat of deportation in recent times.

Ahmed Fatty said: "We have not done so, and the government will not do so, but what we are going to be involved in is manage migration."

However, the Minister pointed out that top on the government of the Gambia priority list is to formulate policies to create youth employment to discourage migration adding that youths who are employed back home will not be tempted to migrate abroad in the hope of seeking a better life.

Continuing, he said, "But all of our citizens who maybe anywhere not just Europe, who may have committed crime, gone through the judicial system and exhausted their legal remedies and are deem to be deported by those courts or legal systems, The Gambia will do everything possible including providing travel documentation for them and facilitating their return," Minister Fatty opined.

"With legal migration, there are no issues; the questions have to be with irregular migration.", he added.

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